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Vibratory Finishing Machine

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Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory Finishing Machine are suitable for de-burring, de-scaling, edge reducing, polishing, surface improvement, pre-plating finishing all types of components including fully machined parts in metals & plastics.

Working Principle:

The vibratory finishing machine for metal working has a ring chamber to hold abrasives and work pieces. When the machine is working, it makes three-d high frequency vibration. The grinding stones and the work pieces are rolling spirally forward and they are grinding each other during the rolling. This makes the work pieces de-burred, chamfered, polished and clean, to replace the traditional cloth-wheel polishing, the vibratory finishing machine for metal working can save a lot of spending on manpower, and lower the cost of production. It can also be matched up with mass production, improve and stabilize the quality of the products.


Mainly applied to metal parts, standard parts, apparatus, instruments, bicycles, sewing machines, hydraulic parts, bearings, auto parts, plastics, ceramics, non-ferrous metal products and parts industry de burring parts to rust, polishing rough, medium polished, fine polishing, bright polishing, especially for special-shaped part of the surface finishing are superior to specific functions, as it after finishing the parts


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