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Electro Magnetic Hammer

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Electro Magnetic Hammer

Electromagnetic hammer with new lock. we are manufacturing hammer since 1996. We are developed new hammer design.. ours hammer, maintenance cost is very low & easy. Our hammer requires very less electric power so you save your electricity. The process of self- ignition in spray drying plants can lead to spontaneous explosion exactly electromagnetic hammers provided on spray drying chamber help in avoid possibility of self ignition, also hammer help in smooth functioning of down side, convening and collection equipments of the system thereby ensuring, low losses, low downtime, consistent quality, lump free product and smooth operation.

Operational features:

Electromagnetic hammer consists of a stator and rotor, which are made out of high grade strip lamination to minimize iron losses. The part movement of the rotor shaft directly transmitted to hammer stoker electronic controller controls the excitation of hammer coil

Base Mounting:

Base plate is essential to prevent dent crack formation of the chamber wall due to continuous hammering. During installation please ensure that the distance between chamber surface and base plate should be 71mm (at top ) & 65 mm (at bottom ) to obtain maximum efficiency.


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